In October when we think of bats we think of scary blood sucking vampires and dressing up for Halloween. Although Hollywood has actually changed our opinions and spun a positive more relatable face to vampires with the blockbuster series of Twilight and hit CW television shows like Vampire Diaries and The Originals, most people have a fear of vampires and bats also called chiroptophobia. But did you know that a bat can actually be a great ally to your family’s home? Ever thought about building a bat house or your own personal back yard bat cave, to attract bats to your property? Most home owners have not, but building a bat house in your back yard to attract bats can actually help solve some of your pest control needs. Bats eat beetles, moths, mosquitoes and many other bugs and sometimes even a single bat can consume over 100 of these in a single hour. So the next time you see a bat at dusk flying to and from your trees, thank them for keeping pests at bay.